Kahoot! is a free game-based application that enables teachers to check the understanding of their students. On www.getkahoot.com, the teacher can easily create a quiz, a discussion or a survey. The teacher can also find a public Kahoot to use in class. When it is done, he can launch the quiz, and a pin will appear on the page. The students will have to go to www.kahoot.it and enter the pin on the teacher’s interface. When the quiz will begin, the question and the answer choice will appear upfront on the teacher’s website, which would preferably be projected on an interactive board or a white screen. The answers will be associated with a colour and geometrical form. On their screens, the students will have to choose the wight answer. However, they must look at the teacher’s screen for the answers, because they only the colours and forms on their interface.

Here is a quick tutorial:

Kahoot! is a great tool to incorporate in the classroom. First of all, it motivates the students to listen to what is said in class so that they can correctly answer to the quiz. Indeed, the fact that there is a leaderboard encourage the students to give the right answer because they want to appear at the top of it, as it has been shared by Matt Miller. This way, the classroom turns into some kind of game, making learning more fun. The teacher can also keep track of his/her students’ performances, which are given on Excel sheets and help those who have more difficulties. He/she is then able to see which students have more difficulties and help these specific students. Furthermore, the teacher can also decide to have the students create their own quizzes, either individually or in groups, and have them present their quizzes to the class or to other teams. This option is a great tool for any classroom, because it reinforced the student’s learning by having them “thinking up potential wrong answers to questions, as well as the right ones.” This tool also allows the improvement of the social skills, either by creating a quiz in a team or by having the students answering the questions in teams.

Kahoot! is an application that can be used in elementary school, secondary school, and even in university! I personally experienced this software for the first time during a workshop I attended, which was filled with universitary students. Surprisingly, every single person in the room (me included) seemed to really enjoy this activity.

On a ESL (or any second language) point of view, this tool could be very useful in a classroom. Indeed, it is an easy way to review the vocabulary the students had to learn by showing an image and having the students choose the word that fits with it. Kahoot! can also be used to check the student’s comprehension of the grammar rules they have learned. For a more advanced classroom, this app can also be used to talk about cultural events or news topic, since there are almost no subject restrictions in a second language classroom, as long as it is talked about in the L2.

However, Kahoot! does have some downsides. First, it requires that every student in the classroom have an electronic device with an access to Internet, may it be provided by the school or own by the student. This, although being doable, can be harder to achieve in schools that have a lack of financial support or that have a clientele with harder backgrounds. It may also be against the school policies to let the students bring their electronic devices in class.

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